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Sunday, January 21, 2018

While We Didn't Cure The World's Problems Last Night, A Few Drinks Cured The Stress.

As many of you know, I've been holding bonfires on weekends for the past several years. I'm a firm believer in networking and I have to say, the results are always amazing. 

So last night we discussed many topics with some great minds. I was able to share, (and even show) the massive difficulties I'm having with Blogger/Google. What you don't know is for the past 5 weeks it takes me at least four times longer to put up posts. Imagine trying to send an e-mail to someone, you hit send and you get a fatal error. You try to send it again and you get the same error. Let's say this happens four times and you open a new screen to look at your send folder because you don't want to lose all the information you just put in that e-mail and you find that it had in fact sent. Sometimes it goes through in three attempts instead of four. I think you get my drift. 

Now let's say you have to do this 50 to 70 times a day. It's very time consuming and frustrating. You might ask, why do you put up with it. Well, I have a pretty good idea as to why it is happening and I refuse to let them win. I provide a service, (we all discussed last night) that no one else provides. We deliver news and information that challenges local government and businesses without fear of retaliation. We allow you to share your thoughts anonymously without the fear of retaliation. You can't do that anywhere else.

Love us or hate us, we make an incredible difference. Facebook has admitted they're slowing down conservative discussions and guess what, Google/Blogger is clearly doing the very same thing. It's becoming so frustrating that even major Websites like Right Wing News is considering shutting down. Other major Websites are considering the very same thing. 

So everyone asked, why are you still publishing when it takes so long and so frustrating. I replied, they're NOT going to beat me, period. This is exactly what the Liberals want. Their retaliation is to slow us down in the hope we'll just go away. For now, I'm just too hard headed. I've looked at chat rooms and even complaints on Blogger and guess what, this problem is only happening to conservative minded sites, GO FIGURE! I should add, if you think it's frustrating trying to get a comment through, imagine how difficult it is for me to put up each and every post. 

I believe our President needs all the SBYNews Sites he can get out there. I believe YOU deserve to know when your Mayor is lying to you and talking out of both sides of his/her mouth. Look at what WBOC has been showing, (all positive) about the new bear at the Zoo. Never, will they show/discuss the conditions of the exhibits or the massive volume of animals dying at the Zoo. Am I really the Anti Christ for exposing these conditions while the taxpayers went from $200,000.00 a year budget wise to over $2,000,000.00 a year and the place looks like crap? Then your Mayor goes on camera and says he's going to fine you at 3 PM and guess what, one of my guests last night is a multiple property owner in Salisbury and they in fact did get a call from the City saying if their sidewalks weren't cleared by 3 PM they will be fined $100.00 for each property. Then the Mayor, (as we proved) went on line and said he didn't say he was going to fine anyone. 

So I feel what I deliver seven days a week is very important. I simply hold everyone accountable so YOU can make sound decisions as to who or what you will or won't support. 

Let me touch on comments for a moment. Unlike Colleges, (as we've now seen the past few days) I do not always agree with comments that I publish. I firmly believe in healthy debate and we're the only place on the Shore you can do so with the peace of mind that no one will know it's YOU that sent it in. Name calling and attacking people is not healthy debate, absent logical reasons for doing so. SBYNews is NOT a "Safe Space". I firmly believe it's HUMAN and healthy to be scared or to disagree. It's how we learn, how we grow and how we make sound decisions. Liberal Colleges seem to think that EVERYONE should be exactly alike. Next we'll see everyone living in the exact same home, same color, same windows, same everything. They'll have the exact same cars, make the exact same amount of money. Every Liberal will have a "safe space" and if you disagree with anyone opposite your color or gender you'll be labeled a racist. Jim Ireton proved that when I ran for Mayor.

Yeah, I'll suffer through the extra six hours a day to deal with the fatal errors, until they somehow completely shut me down. God blessed me with a very successful business career allowing me to retire. Anyone who honestly knows about retirement can tell you, it's cool the first six months but after that you go nuts trying to find things to do. In most cases retired people find a way to "Pay It Forward" and volunteer. In my case, I created a Blog and I serve tens of thousands of people who depend on what I do every day of the week/year. I hope all of you appreciate that. For what it's worth, I have also found the spare time to volunteer my time elsewhere. 

To those who are invited to our bonfires, thanks for the incredible discussions. It's great to learn from others and grow as human beings. I'm thinking, instead of calling it a bonfire, maybe we should call it our SAFE SPACE. Have a great week everyone! 

Conservative News Website Shuts Down, Blames Facebook

Gas Fodder

By Thornton Crowe

Over the last four months, I have been approached by two people who have fallen prey to the credit card skimmers at two area Royal Farms stores. Considering I have minimal at best interactions with locals now days, this is not a good ratio.

Last November, one man reported his card was cloned after using the Beaglin Park Drive Royal Farms. When he went to the pump, he noticed a car with two guys, acting as if they were waiting for his pump - even though there were other pumps available. He pumped his gas then left but noticed as he was exiting the parking lot, the waiting car drove up to the pump and left without getting gas.

Within a couple of hours, his credit card company contacted him with a litany of charges being made to his card. It was with that call he realized what the two were up to.

Another case just happened this last week at the South Division Street Royal Farms, across from the Milford Medical Park. A woman used the pumps there and within less than 24-hours, a multitude of charges started to drop on her bank account. She was completely unaware of it until her bank phoned her about possible fraud. Even though the charges were all reversed, she was required to get another debit card.

Granted, it's not Royal Farms' fault entirely but their pumps are never manned by store employee, which makes them easy marks for making targets, undetected. If you notice, there aren't even any visible cameras in these areas to deter criminal behavior.

The card skimmer equipment is easily camouflaged because it just blends into the existing reader. The image here illustrates what to look for when you go to the local gas pumps. Plus, unlike the first victim, seldom do these criminals have to sit at the actual stations as they can be remotely accessed from a couple blocks away from the target area.

Hopefully, you will catch it before it becomes an issue for you, but it would also be good if area self-serve pump outlets would check their card readers periodically throughout the day to safeguard their customers.

In the meantime, just be mindful before putting your card in these outdoor readers -- you never know what criminal ruse is afoot. 

The Week In Review

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Salisbury University Course uses 'Pyramid of White Supremacy' to teach diversity

A course at Salisbury University in Maryland is using a “Pyramid of White Supremacy” to help teach students about diversity and “cultural competence.”

“Avoiding confrontation with racist family members” and “remaining apolitical” make up the base, which is deemed critical for more egregious things like mass killings and genocide.

A course at Salisbury University in Maryland is using a “Pyramid of White Supremacy” to help teach students about diversity and “cultural competence.”

The one-credit course, “Diversity and the Self,” is a required class for any student hoping to obtain an elementary education major.


BEFORE The BS Hits The Fan, There's Two Sides To Every Story. This Side Is The TRUTH.

January 14, 2018

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Rob Mulford. I am the owner of Market Street Inn. Here at Market Street, we have served the Salisbury community since 2001. Since that time, much has changed. Salisbury has grown. It has been fun to watch many of my early employees, who have moved on, to raise families, start businesses, buy homes, and live and reside here on the Eastern Shore or elsewhere. I have also had the pleasure of seeing my customers, over the years, grow, evolve, learn, change, and experience life, through its ups and downs. Since the beginning, however, our goal has remained the same: to provide high-quality food in a welcoming atmosphere, all the time. Whether it is for a celebratory dinner with friends and family, or simply to get a beer and a sandwich on a football Sunday, we want you to come to Market Street and feel at home. That goal will never change.

As a restaurant owner in our community, sometimes I experience firsthand the materialization of what I believe is an old Ben Franklin quote—you cannot make all the people happy all of the time. Trust me, we try. We currently have a staff of about 50 people, from backgrounds of all kinds, who are trained to prioritize our customers, and consistently meet their expectations. Unfortunately, however, when dealing with high volume, customers and staff, food that must be prepared and sold, rules that must be followed, and bills that must be paid, once in a while a customer leaves our restaurant with an experience that falls short of our goal. Often, when a customer feels this way, we must “agree to disagree.” But we always listen, and we always care, and we always want to make things better and implement the same goal since day one—to make you feel at home.

Recently, and regrettably, we had four customers who left our restaurant dissatisfied. Two of these customers asked to buy alcoholic beverages, and produced drivers’ licenses that my employees, including management, carefully examined and could not be convinced were authentic. They checked the identifications very closely and deliberately, and at the end, in an abundance of caution, declined to serve those two customers their drinks. At no time whatsoever did we deny these customers service. We were simply exercising our judgment, which include safety and legal concerns, to decline serving alcohol without proper identification. We were prepared to continue serving these customers food, non-alcoholic beverages, and offer the same welcoming atmosphere we continuously strive to provide at Market Street. These customers, however, felt otherwise. Since this time, they have initiated a campaign, much through social media, claiming they were discriminated against as “women of color.” The post at issue includes the following allegations:

While we disagree that race, national origin, or color had any impact whatsoever in our decision to not sell these customers alcohol, we take these concerns seriously, and we care, and we would like to make clear that we respect these concerns, and will always try harder to make our customers feel welcome. We are open to everyone, colorblind, always have and always will be. In addition, here at Market Street, we know with our success comes responsibility. Underage drinking, especially in a college town, is widespread, and we want to take every precaution possible to ensure that we only serve alcohol to those of legal age. We train our staff, including management, to error on the side of caution; the City of Salisbury has been good to us, and we strive to uphold our end of the bargain, to follow every standard and help keep our community safe.

Here at Market Street, diversity is what makes us work. I can assure you, when it comes to customers, clients and employees, we have seen, accepted and welcomed all walks of life, from everywhere, and that is what makes us who we are. We are here to serve the community in which we work and live. We are open seven days a week—to everyone-- and we want you to come, sit down, relax, eat and drink, and feel good and like you are with old friends. That was my goal in 2001 and that is my goal today. The Salisbury community has been extraordinarily supportive to me, through our ups and downs, and I remain committed to serving this city and giving back. Please feel free to stop by Market Street, and ask for me, Rob Mulford, if there is anything you would like to discuss, or if you would just like to have a good meal with friends.

Rob Mulford
Owner, Market Street Inn

Publishers Notes: I find it absolutely amazing the lengths this young lady went through to defame such a good man and honorable business. I read her Facebook post last night and was amazed at what I was seeing. IMHO, Rob could very easily file a serious lawsuit against these woman for defamation. Go back to where you came from because you young lady are a very spiteful and dangerous woman. 


As fast as they came together, (without legal permits) they disband and took off. However, we were able to capture these images. 

Mayor Day, you must be so proud of who and what you snowflakes have become. Following the Liberal agenda, they push lies and crooked information to target white people as racists and scream discrimination. 

What they don't realize is that they are destroying the Eastern Shore and our country as a whole.  Fake Lies Matter! Salisbury is truly becoming a "SHITHOLE". 

Great work Sarra Malik, meet Molly.  

Originally published at 1:03 pm. 

Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day, (immature, inexperienced) Jumps The Gun Before The Facts Came To Light)

Leave it to the Boy Mayor to once again act like a typical Liberal and instantly side with racism and BLM. 

You people sure do have your hands full with this Idiot. 

A Viewer Writes: Sidewalk snow - and the "new" twist on the story from the Mayor

This is NOT what he said in those videos and on the news. We all heard it.  This is on the "nextdoor" platform.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

I was told by someone that all city of Salisbury residents must have sidewalks shoveled by 3pm today or risk being fined. Is this accurate?
New5 Jan · 20 neighborhoods in General

28 Replies

Jake Day
Jake Day·5 JanNew
Hi Jessica no, that’s what it would have been by City law if there had not been a Civil Emergency today, but because of that and the conditions, the next time any code enforcement officers will even be out is Monday and worst case they will let you know if your sidewalks need to be cleared. My understanding of that very old law is that it is designed to protect you, the property owner, in case anyone hurts themselves on your sidewalk. That being said, when things are safe for you to do so, worry about it then, in the meantime stay warm and don’t worry about anyone complaining about snow-covered sidewalks for the next 3 days.

Thomas Worden
Thomas Worden·5 JanNew
I wouldn't worry about it, especially when they themselves don't clear the roads for over a week after the snow storm. Trust me, I've had to WALK to work for a week straight before they clear the roads, because it depends on where you live.

Jake Day
Jake Day·5 JanNew
Thomas Worden is right about the past. As a lifelong resident I've seen the same. That said, all City streets were plowed by 7 pm today once - though many are only one lane wide. The crews were up all through the storm, including before snow fell on Wednesday to lay down salt (which was ineffective due to the cold) and they are finally getting some rest. The January 2017 storm was the first where we could GPS track and confirm every street was plowed and we will be able to finish the same with this storm - understandably it may take a few passes to get everything and stranded/stalled/street-parked cars have made some streets very difficult to plow at the width we might want. We will be back out tomorrow morning around 0500. Any additional plowing requests can be posted here or on our Facebook page or through the Citizen Services request on the web site ( We will be putting down more salt solution tomorrow - one final layer to help the melting process on Sunday. Because of the temperatures you won't see any melting tomorrow.

Jessica Beauchamp
Jessica Beauchamp·5 JanNew
Thank you!

Robert Culver
Robert Culver·5 JanNew
I moved here from NH, and I saw the guy plow our street today -  You really can't do it at 30 miles an hours.   The street is no more passable than before the plow flashed by.

Thomas Worden
Thomas Worden·5 JanNew
You would think, by now in 2018 you wouldn't use the same excuse that it's "the south and we're not used to this", I'm not being sour but I've seen a lot of favoritism around here and certain people or areas are cared for differently. I know this first hand experience.

Jessica Beauchamp
Jessica Beauchamp·5 JanNew
I moved here in 1989. I'm from PA originally. At first, we barely got any snow. And 2 inches would shut down the city completely. Almost 30 years later and we've progressively had more and more snow over the years. It would seem rational to assume we could plan a tad bit better considering the trend.

Jake Day
Jake Day·5 JanNew
That's definitely no excuse.  The only difference between here and, say, Minnesota, is that there is a financial decision to make about how many plows and how much salt a place invests in year to year and how much ends up being wasted annually - but that has no bearing on this event since (and I can't speak for any other jurisdiction) the City was never held up by a shortage of anything. Our only challenge was progress being held up by the relentless snow until 1600 Thursday and then the snow drifting back over plowed roads.

Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Says They've Already Hired A Replacement Contractor For Downtown Renovations

We've said enough about the disgust in Jake Day's refusal to pay the former contractor for work that has already been completed. The contractor simply told Jake if they didn't pay them by mid December, 2017 they'd pack their things and walk off the job. Day told the public, (knowing the contractor would in fact leave because the City didn't have the funds) that he was going to have everything cleared Downtown for the Ball Drop on New Years Eve. Once again he mislead the public.

Nevertheless, let's talk about what is now at hand. Day claims they've already hired a replacement contractor. Where's the RFP? Who is the replacement contractor. You see, while the rest of the media fell asleep on this story and once again had to follow SBYNews lead, they never asked the key question, who is it? The next question any reputable media source would ask is, will they finish the work at the same cost of the original contractor, or will it cost the taxpayers more money. Finally they would've asked, is it true the City shorted the original contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars? Instead they simply stated the original contractor was going too slow, NOT TRUE AT ALL. 

If Day and Council President Jack Heath had done their due diligence they would've planned in advance for the contaminated soil in the two locations history showed had gas stations and leaky tanks. Pointing the finger at the contractor delays is complete BS. The fact is, the City owes the contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars for the disposal of that contaminated soil but your local Liberal Media refuses to investigate, challenge and or simply tell you the TRUTH and you should be disgusted. 

Finally, the City still owes Wicomico County $65,000.00 for UNPAID disposal of contaminated soil also not paid at this point. To the nay sayers, it doesn't matter if the lawsuit has been filed yet or not. The POINT is, the City has not paid almost, (if not more) a half a million dollars in services rendered.  

Mayor Day, how much will the balance, (50%) of this project now cost the taxpayers? Who is the replacement contractor and finally, shame on the local Media for not asking the questions taxpayers deserve answers to. 

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 1-17-18

Joe, close friend of mine works in the GOB with boy mare, overheard him saying he had a way to fix "your ass" once and for all. Your warned, he's fed up.

Publishers Notes: Been there, done that. 

Rev. Al Sharpton to Trump: ‘You Are a Racist’

On Monday when asked if the president is racist, Rev. Al Sharpton said, “You don’t have to spray paint the N-word over the Oval Office and sleep with a KKK hood to be racist. If you have racist policies, say racist things, operate in a racist manner you are are a racist, period end of story.”


For or Against?

From The White House

Salisbury Receives Half-Million in State Revitalization Funds for Amphitheater

Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that Governor Larry Hogan’s 2019 proposed budget, which was announced today, includes $500,000 in revitalization funds for the City of Salisbury to construct its new Riverwalk Amphitheater.

First imagined in the City’s “Envision Salisbury” 20-year master plan, the amphitheater project’s priority increased with the news of the National Folk Festival’s 3-year residency in the Salisbury.

“If we’re trying to grow Salisbury economically, it is our responsibility to create a place where people want to be,” said the Mayor. “For the National Folk Festival and beyond, the Riverwalk Amphitheater will be a space for community to gather and appreciate art and performance together.”

Today’s news of the $500,000 allotment demonstrates a continuing commitment from the State of Maryland and Governor Larry Hogan to play an active role in the revitalization of Salisbury’s metro core. In Governor Larry Hogan’s 2018 budget, Salisbury received $1 million in revitalization funds for its Main Street overhaul.

Mayor Day said, “Governor Hogan has had Salisbury’s back at every opportunity. I am tremendously grateful to him for recognizing, as I do, and as our community does, that revitalization is happening in Downtown Salisbury.

Delmarva Veteran Builders was hired by the City to be the Construction Manager for the project, and will be responsible for design and construction. Construction is expected to begin in March, with completion by July 31, 2018, ahead of the National Folk Festival, September 7th through the 9th.

#SBY #SBYNEWS #ItsHappening Jacob Day Delmarva Veteran Builders

Great news for Baltimore!

Baltimore Is Now 'FREE AT LAST' as Mayor Removes Confederate Statues! Praise needs to be given to the Mayor of Baltimore.

For years the Black community has been under abssault by 4 Confederate Monuments. These monuments were relentless in their destruction of the Black family as over 70% of Black children were born out of wedlock. So terrified by the presence of these monuments, over 60% of Black men in the city could not work a job and found comfort in fathering numerous children with numerous women that they could not feed.

Just knowing that the monuments were there made Black school children have the lowest test scores in the Nation and many turned to drugs to relieve the sting of the monuments presence.

Worst of all, the mere presence of the monuments caused death. Not being able to handle the hate and violence that the monuments represented, the Black males in the city took to killing each other by the thousands. Just in the last 2 years they have murdered 500 of their own.

Praise be to God and the Wisdom of the Mayor. It is a new dawn for Black Baltimoreans! The shackles have been removed and all that can be said is, Free at last, free at last, Lord God Almighty, we're free at last.