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Monday, May 29, 2017

Pugh to explore removing Confederate monuments in Baltimore

New Orleans recently took down its Confederate monuments. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh says she is considering doing the same thing in the city.

“The city does want to remove these,” Pugh told The Baltimore Sun. “We will take a closer look at how we go about following in the footsteps of New Orleans.”

Before former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake left office last year, she added signs in front of four Confederate monuments in Baltimore. The signs said, in part, that the monuments were “part of a propaganda campaign of national pro-Confederate organizations to perpetuate the beliefs of white supremacy, falsify history and support segregation and racial intimidation.”


Traffic Backed Up to 50 and 301 Split.....Westbound.


President Trump Surprises Families During Memorial Day Event

Baltimore’s Summer Curfew Back In Effect Memorial Day Weekend

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The City’s summer curfew is back in effect Saturday.

Until the end of August, children age 9 and younger cannot be out past 9 p.m.

The curfew for 14 to 16 years old’s is 11 p.m.

In case of daytime curfew violation, youth will be transported to their school or home. A parent or guardian will be informed of the violation.

In case of nighttime curfew violation, youth will be transported to a Youth Connection Center (YCC), where they will be provided a safe, engaging and healthy environment, including recreational activities, to wait for a parent or guardian.


A Letter To The Editor: This Memorial Day


Thank you for posting so many stories about Memorial Day and our Veterans. Your killing me because I know the real meaning of today. The young mother by the grave with their child made me cry. Most people would not be able to fathom what Combat is like. Hopefully, with your stories, the public will become more aware of the sacrifices that have been made.

Proud Combat Veteran and
I would gladly do it again!





Tears have no words

Governor Larry Hogan Served As The Starter At The Coca Cola 600 Yesterday

Today it was a sincere honor to serve as the starter in the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Today's race serves as a sobering reminder - with the names of fallen heroes on each car - of the men and women who fight for our freedom every single day. This Memorial Day Weekend, we pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

More photos available HERE

President Trump Sings!

No doubt NBC News will pervert his patriotism with some Fake News Media BS. Fact is, they probably don't even know the words to the Star-Spangle Banner because they're as anti-America as they come. Keep singing, President Trump. We're right there with you!

Some gave everything...

So you could have your cookouts and three-day weekend!

How We're Changing Maryland

Over the past two years, we've made incredible progress — but we're just getting started!

Beach it

A Message From Governor Larry Hogan

Today, we honor our men and women in uniform and celebrate the lives of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. As you kick off the summer with trips to the beach, backyard barbeques, and time spent with family and friends, I ask that you take a moment to pause and reflect on the true meaning of this holiday weekend. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Two great white sharks lurk tracked near east coast beaches this weekend

Beach-goers could possibly get a glimpse of two famous great white sharks said to be cruising through the waters off the Jersey Shore and along the coast of Delaware this Memorial Day weekend.

The two sharks are named Mary Lee and Cisco, and they’ve been tracked for years by non-profit shark-tracking group OCEARCH.

Weighing in at a hefty 3,456 pounds and roughly the size of a mini-van, Mary Lee is a mature 16-foot-long great white shark. A frequent visitor to the Jersey Shore, she was seen near Cape May, New Jersey and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday and continued to swim in the area on Sunday. She appeared on OCEARCH’s radar at 7 a.m. Sunday morning approximately 15 miles east-southeast of Cape May and was reported to be heading north.

Researchers have been keeping an eye on the massive shark’s movements after tagging her in the waters off Cape Cod on September 17, 2012.

The much smaller Cisco weighs roughly 362 pounds and is 8-feet, 7-inches long. The young male shark appeared on radar at 4 a.m. on Friday near Delaware Bay. As of Saturday, he was located in an area between Rehoboth Beach and Cape May.


Gary Felt These Vets Deserved Better Than A Recording

Did We Mention Wild Horses Bite?


To bring back some memories for some and make new ones for others.

Nothing like seeing America on the open highway with tunes blasting the soundtrack for the trip! Would highly recommend it to all who want to see and feel freedom.

Happy Memorial Day.

Your friend,

9/11 and the Marines

After Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon On 9/11, The Following Happened.

A Daycare Facility Inside The Pentagon Had Many Children, Including Infants Who Were In Heavy Cribs. The Daycare Supervisor, Looking At All The Children They Needed To Evacuate, Was In A Panic Over What They Could Do.

There Were Many Children, Mostly Toddlers, As Well As The Infants That Would Need To Be Taken Out With The Cribs. There Was No Time To Try To Bundle Them Into Carriers And Strollers.

Just Then A Young Marine Came Running Into The Center And Asked What They Needed. After Hearing What The Center Director Was Trying To Do, He Ran Back Out Into The Hallway And Disappeared. The Director Thought, "Well, Here We Are, On Our Own."

About 2 Minutes Later, That Marine Returned With 40 Other Marines In Tow. Each Of Them Grabbed A Crib With A Child, And The Rest Started Gathering Up Toddlers

The Director And Her Staff Then Helped Them Take All The Children Out Of The Center And Down Toward The Park Near The Potomac ..

Once They Got About 3/4 Of A Mile Outside The Building, The Marines Stopped In The Park, And Then Did A Fabulous Thing - They Formed A Circle With The Cribs, Which Were Quite Sturdy And Heavy, Like The Covered Wagons In The Old West.

Inside This Circle Of Cribs, They Put The Toddlers, To Keep Them From Wandering Off. Outside This Circle Were The 40 Marines, Forming A Perimeter Around The Children And Waiting For Instructions. There They Remained Until The Parents Could Be Notified And Come Get Their Children.

The Chaplain Then Said, "I Don't Think Any Of Us Saw Nor Heard Of This On Any Of The News Stories Of The Day. It Was An Incredible Story Of Our Men There.” There Wasn't A Dry Eye In The Room.

The Thought Of Those Marines And What They Did And How Fast They Reacted; Could We Expect Any Less From Them? It Was One Of The Most Touching Stories From The Pentagon.

It's The Military, Not The Politicians That Ensures Our Right To Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness. It's The Military Who Salutes The Flag, Who Serves Beneath The Flag, And Whose Coffin Is Draped By The Flag.

Have A Cool Heineken, With A Side Of Open Borders

Here’s To An Open World

To a world without borders or barriers. To the belief that there is more that unites us than divides us. To find common ground to raise a bottle with the person next to you. Because a stranger is just a friend that you haven’t had a cold Heineken with yet.

Open Your World.

Are you off this weekend, spending time with your family, maybe having a barbecue or two?

How would you like a nice cold one?

With a big side of preach progressive politics?


Remembering Our Fallen Heros This Memorial Day


Watch LIVE here on Salisbury News!


President Donald Trump's Schedule for Monday, May 29, 2017
10:35AM Depart from White House for Arlington, Virginia - South Portico
10:55AM Delivers remarks at a wreath-laying ceremony - Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day Through the Years: Remembering the Fallen

Once Lost, Now Found, Never Forgotten.”

So reads the card tucked into flowers that appear each year on grave #540 in the Fredericksburg National Cemetery. Sergeant Jerome Peirce of the 36th Massachusetts Infantry was killed at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House on May 12, 1864, leaving behind a wife, Albinia, and a daughter, Lucy. He was buried in a temporary grave before his remains were moved to the national cemetery. In 1919, Albinia sent $100 to cemetery Superintendent Andrew Birdsall, also a Civil War veteran, asking him to use the interest earned on the fund to decorate Peirce’s grave each year. Birdsall, and later his descendants, have quietly and faithfully fulfilled the request at Memorial Day every year since.

As the card on Peirce’s grave suggests, he was fortunate among his fallen comrades to have a marked gravesite. In a battle’s aftermath, the dead were often buried in hasty, shallow graves, if buried at all. Only soldiers whose bodies had some form of identification or whose fellow soldiers recognized or recovered their bodies rested in marked graves on the battlefield. After the war, the federal government scrambled to bury the Union dead, first in small cemeteries and later in organized, concentrated “national cemeteries.” White Southern women formed associations to organize and re-inter Confederate soldiers. The task of identifying the dead became more difficult with the passage of time and in some cases, exposure to the elements. Countless grim markers in National and Confederate cemeteries alike told the same story: Unknown.


Freedom doesn't come Cheap!

Many pay the sacrifice whether or not they're on the battlefields. This day is also about their sacrifice for us because without it, we would no longer be a free nation. Don't take it for granted!

The surprising history of Arlington National Cemetery

The iconic landscape of Arlington National Cemetery is familiar to most Americans — rolling green hills spotted white with the headstones of America's fallen heroes.

But fewer people probably realize it's one of only two cemeteries classified as Army National Military Cemeteries. Arlington, along with the Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., is in that category, and both fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army.

Most people who've visited Arlington in person know the land once belonged to the family of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee — his home is difficult to miss perched atop the hill. But the land actually passed into the possession of Lee's family from George Washington's step-grandson. George Washington Parke Custis "spent his life commemorating Washington and built Arlington House on the 1,100-acre plantation as a memorial to the first president," according to Arlington's website. "In 1857, Custis willed the property to his daughter Mary Anna Randolph Custis, who in 1831 had married U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Robert E. Lee."


Remembering When There Wasn’t a Chesapeake Bay Bridge

William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge History

This content is sponsored by Maryland Transportation Authority

A dream in 1908, a financial impossibility in 1929 and a war-postponed plan in 1940, what now is known as the Bay Bridge became a reality in 1949, when construction began and the first dredge started pumping the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay to make way for the bridge.

The world’s largest continuous over-water steel structure when it opened in 1952, the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge provides a structural link that did not exist in the days when colonial Marylanders traveled by boat, with the Chesapeake Bay as their highway.

Along with the many private boats sailing the Bay prior to the Industrial Revolution, records show a regular ferry running between Kent Island and the Annapolis shore. However, as the population grew and spread inland, the wagon road, the railroad and, later, the automobile and the motor-truck, gradually relegated the Bay by boat to obscurity, and the Chesapeake Bay became a barrier rather than a bond between Eastern Maryland and the rest of the State.

There are recurring stories that, in the 1880s, preliminary studies explored building a bridge across the Bay. In 1907, Peter C. Campbell, Baltimore businessman and State Senator, told his associates that more of the Eastern Shore trade, which had been coming by boat to Baltimore, was going north by highway and railroad to Wilmington and Philadelphia.


Maryland Couple Arrest After Struggle with Security Officer

Dewey Beach - State Police have arrested a Maryland couple after they began fighting with a security officer assigned to patrol Indian Beach.

The incident occurred around 2:56 a.m. this morning, Monday May 29, 2017, when a 9-1-1 caller advised there was an officer laying on ground with two subjects fighting him near Palmer Avenue south of Dewey Beach. Dewey Beach Police Department was able to quickly apprehend the subjects and place them into custody without further incident and turn them over to troopers.

The investigation reveal, John P. Clancy, 21 of Towson, Maryland, and Julia C. Price, 21 of Baltimore, Maryland, were walking in the are of Indian Beach when they asked the 52-year-old commissioned officer, who is employed by Resort Investigations and Patrol for Indian Beach, if they could get a ride to Ocean City, Maryland. The officer informed them a cab would be called, and while in the process, the two subjects began walking toward a residence in the private development. The officer told the couple they would be arrested if they continued to trespass on the private property and to wait by his patrol vehicle until the taxi arrived. At that point, Clancy attempted to push the officer backwards, causing the officer to grab his arm, and when doing so, Clancy kicked the officer's feet out from under him. Both Clancy and the officer fell to the ground and continued to struggle with one another when Price jumped on top of the officer and made several unsuccessful attempts to his firearm from his holster. The officer was uninjured in the incident.

John Clancy and Julia Price were both transported back to Troop 7 in Lewes where they were both charged with Attempt Remove a Firearm from a Law Enforcement Officer, Conspiracy 2nd, and Offensive Touching. The were both arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $57,500.00 secured (Clancy) and $17,200.00 secured (Price).

Basic Economic Common Sense.

It's the reason Democrats don't seem to get it!

Vice President Mike Pence hosts kickoff event 'Project Hero Memorial Day Bike Ride' in DC.

Man Creates An Incredible American Flag Mosaic

The American flag is among the most crucial and gorgeous of signs.

Simply the sight of the Stars and Stripes can bring individuals to their feet, motivate sports arenas to sing, and trigger military members to salute. The American flag implies a lot to a lot of individuals. When I saw exactly what one man had the ability to do, I was genuinely touched.

John T. Unger is an artist living in Hudson, New York. He is popular for his sculptural art utilizing commercial scrap steel, and for his bottle cap art. However, for this job, he made his biggest bottle cap piece ever. John developed an enormous American flag made totally from Budweiser caps that were crimped and nailed to plywood. The outcome of his efforts? Spectacular.


She's ready to serve!

Watch this amazing video about the "Common Soldier."

Ronald Reagan Memorial Day Remarks at Arlington National Cemetery

History of Memorial Day

Maryland Man Constructs Bell Honoring Those Lost On 9/11

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We all know people who come up with big plans, but rarely follow through.

On this Memorial Day weekend, Mike Schuh had the pleasure to spend some time with a man whose big plans became a rolling reality.

September 11, 2001 changed many lives, including that of Essex man Chuck Ritz.

“Every year, I would go to either Shanksville or New York for the anniversaries,” Ritz said.

Ritz didn’t know anyone who died that day, nor does he know anyone who was killed in action in the subsequent military engagements spawned by that day.


Flags In Arlington National Cemetery

Remembering all of our fallen Veterans this Memorial Day

DUI Press Release 5/22/17 to 5/28/17

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Somerset County with Heroin Arrest

On 5/27/17 around 2:45 p.m. troopers from the Princess Anne barrack were investigating a stolen vehicle complaint, in Marion, Somerset County Maryland.

The stolen vehicle was described as a red 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with Maryland Registration. A broadcast was given for the above vehicle to all law enforcement in the area upon receiving the complaint.

Within moments troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack observed the vehicle on Rt. 413 in the area of Westover. A traffic stop was then performed on the vehicle. During the course of the traffic stop a hypodermic needle containing suspected heroin was located on the drivers seat.

The driver and sole occupant, identified as Dennis Wade Robb Jr, 48 years old from Marion, Maryland was arrested for possession of controlled dangerous substance, and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

Robb Jr was seen by the Somerset County Commissioner and held at the local detention center on $25,000 bond.

Kennedy wouldn't recognize what the Democrats have become

Men's lacrosse wins 12th national title in program history with win

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The Salisbury University men's lacrosse team played Rochester Institute of Technology in the 2017 NCAA men's lacrosse national championship game and won the program's 12 national title with a 15-7 win over the Tigers at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

It is Salisbury's second title in as many years and moves the Gulls all-time record at Gillette Stadium to 3-0 with all three wins coming in the title game.

Salisbury was led on the offensive end by Kevin McDermott and Carson Kalama. McDermott posted a career high in points with four from one goal and three assists and Kalama made his presence felt by posting four goals and one assist for four points. Also coming up big on the offensive end was Josh Melton as the freshman posted his frist-career hat trick. Colin Reymann made 12 stops in cage and in front of him Cory Berry posted three caused turnovers.

Be sure to check later tonight for the full game recap.

Massive Staff Walkout Planned at House Oversight Committee When Gowdy Takes Over, Chaffetz AWOL

Many senior and long-time staffers of the House Oversight Committee plan to walkout when Congressman Trey Gowdy takes the gavel over from Jason Chaffetz. Gowdy, who led the two-year House Benghazi probe, has secured near-unanimous support among members of the House Republican Steering Committee as well as Speaker Paul Ryan.

Additionally, Jason Chaffetz has not been seen at work "for three months" and generally only appears when cameras are rolling.

Chaffetz made a shock announcement to retire from political office in 2018 and not run for re-election, after serving 5 terms representing Utah. Chaffetz gave no specific reason for the timing of the announcement, stating he would simply return to the private sector. The announcement came at a time when many ere watching the House Oversight Committee closely for its hearings with former FBI Director James Comey, and its oversight role in the Obama NSA abuse scandal.

However, as Chaffetz plans to leave within the next few weeks, many staff plan to leave with him. Many of the staffers leaving have ties to Chaffetz and are in fact fellow alumni of Brigham Young University. Many on the Hill refer to the large number of BYU alumni serving in federal government as the "Mormon mafia."

The staffers claim their walkout is not necessary in solidarity with Chaffetz, but more a pre-emptive move because they strongly suspect Trey Gowdy will make changes, or fire a lot of senior staff...


Dog Found In Delmar: UPDATE


We just found this cold, wet dog sleeping on our doorstep in Delmar, DE.

Would you please help us try and locate her owner.

She is wearing a “Service Dog” tag. She is black and has some white on her chest and feet. Pink Collar.

Thank you.

My number is 302-846-3071

Found dogs Crestwood/Kaywood area. Call 302-462-1979. UPDATE

The Wayback Machine

By Thornton Crowe

It's a  funny thing about the Internet! It has a way of recording things for posterity and reminds us of promises we usually forget as time blows forward.

This morning while trying to figure out this week's musing, I came across an old article in the Daily Times from the day after Jake Day's election on November 5, 2015. Interestingly, this article about Jake's big plans for Salisbury illustrates just how much voters were lied to during his election.

A brilliantly horrific ruse of so-called development for Downtown Salisbury was amusing to read as it contained all the fantasies fairy tales are made of - so much so, it put pulp fiction to shame. You know, the same downtown where community leaders and Salisbury University president make idiots of themselves by saying "It's all happening," in some dippy, waste-of-taxpayer money commercial even though its been a hot bed for crime.

One quote really summed it all in a spectacular package:
"City officials have said they want to see a multi-use development plan for the 3.5-acre site that includes retail space, apartments, park areas and parking," states the Daily Times article.
Low-Income Project disguised as 'apartments'

There you go, folks, apartments. Does the word apartment mean the same thing as low-income housing otherwise referred to as Projects in bigger urban areas? Hardly. The word, Project, brings forth a much different image; however, many who think of downtown, think of the fancy Metropolitan Magazine-type lofts with Stainless Appliances. They would never envision an urban concrete jungle complete with section 8, low-income families shooting up the place after a night out boozing and losing on their welfare checks.

Incidentally, in the same article, Day brags how he has a passion for home ownership. If this is true, why build 'apartments' at all in a town that already has a 80% rental rate? Isn't this a contradiction of purpose?

Retail Space

Did Jake not see all the vacant retail space along West Main? Buildings like the old Vernon Powell are decaying from lack of use but we're gonna build new spaces!

Given the low-income housing (Project), I can't fathom Betty Sue from Nithsdale will be able to convince hubby Biff to invest in some chi-chi store in the middle of the "Hood." Therefore, it's safe to assume this so-called retail space would be filled with unsavory businesses, bringing yet more crime to the 'it's all happening' neighborhood.


Everyone in Salisbury, at one point or another, has dealt with its parking ills so how does anyone think we will get more parking with less parking areas? Are they going to build some 50 floor parking structure?

Day told one of my sources a couple months ago, he's only obligated (by law or statute) to provide one half of a parking space per low-income apartment in his spiffy new housing plan. What about all the shoppers he sees coming coming to downtown and the courthouse workers and participants? All this means is now the low-income residents will be fighting lawyers to park their junkers next to shiny Mercedes in the hood. Talk about a scratch & dent extravaganza!

Arts & Entertainment

Day's dream don't stop at housing and retail either. He claims he wants to compete with other small Maryland hamlets like Frederick's "lively downtown arts and entertainment district." We've watched Headquarters Live crash and burn along with several bars opening and closing in short amounts of time so its safe to assume that pipe dream won't ever happen. Who wants to party in the Hood?

Who needs bank when you have dreams?

Nowhere in the article does Jake address Salisbury's job shortage, creating some incentives for new businesses to open or the fact that SU gobbles up property around Salisbury, leaving even less taxpayer money for his grand schemes. Those details are just too inconvenient to mention. Besides, in Day's world, voters either think money will fall from sky for it or don't care about their property taxes (the 20% who actually own) will escalate. Right?

In essence, Salisbury, you elected an illusion -- Jake Day, a man whose grand dreams never factored in a thing sane people refer to as, reality!

Just another day in the Delusion a la Jakester... Ain't life grand?

DUI Suspect Injures Berlin MSP Trooper

The Week In Review

The below posts with today's date were the most 
popular posts last week.

Confirmed fatalities in Manchester Arena 'explosion' 5-23-17

A number of people have died during a "serious incident" at the Manchester [ENGLAND] Arena following reports of a "huge bang".
A police statement said: "Emergency services are currently responding to reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena.
"There are a number of fatalities and others injured."
Witnesses reported hearing a "huge bang" at the venue during an Ariana Grande gig. A spokesman for the US singer has confirmed she is okay.
Videos from inside the venue show fans running, while footage from outside captures emergency services arriving at the scene. 
Catherine Macfarlane, who was at the gig, told the Reuters news agency: "We were making our way out and when we were right by the door there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming.

SFD withholding personal property of Company No. 1 members

The Salisbury Fire Department saga continues...

When the volunteers of Company No. 1 were locked out of their station back in February, Chief Richard A. Hoppes and his fellow administers removed all property belonging to these volunteers from their gear racks; personal property including rescue gloves, tools and even members' leather fire helmets.

SFD and Mayor Jake Day eventually agreed to allow Company No. 1 members to retrieve their personal property, however the only way they could do so was to go to Station 16 and sign for it once all items were inventoried.

Several members have been to get their stuff, however, Bryan Lewis and Angie Jenkins have refused to release to Company No. 1 members' leather helmets. These helmets were purchased by Company No. 1 Corporation for members as awards for years of service. They are valued between $550 - $650 a piece!!

Mr. Lewis and Ms. Jenkins have been specifically instructed by Chief Hoppes not to release these helmets to Company No. 1 members. Each member is forced to sign an inventory list which does not include said helmets in order to obtain their personal belongings. The only way these members are able to get their leather helmets is to agree to have a sit down meeting with Chief Hoppes. Several Company No. 1 members have agreed to meet with him and are now patiently waiting to sit down with him. Those that have already sat down have been ridiculed for their decision to leave SFD.

Company No 1. has reached out several times to Mayor Day to get this situation rectified but to no avail. He has continually stated he would take care of it and make sure all items were returned to the members but the chief is still withholding the leather helmets. It is truly crazy what these men and women are going through to obtain their personal/private property from SFD. When is enough enough? These volunteers are ready to move on and serve the community but have yet again hit another road block when it comes to retrieving their personal property from Hoppes and the SFD administration.

This scheme needs to be stopped!!

The REAL Ariana Grande

Last night after the horrible tragedy occurred after her concert, Ariana tweeted to her followers:

But leave it to Twitter to remind us of past words with this:

Do you really think this is a good role model for girls 6 to 20 years old? Here under another post related to the Manchester Terrorist attack [in England], a commenter stated:

Rather ironic that it was her concert where a suicide bomber committed a terrorist attack last night.

Life is not without its sense of irony.

For those who don't remember this, Ariana was the artist who went into a bakery and was caught on video licking doughnuts and saying she hated Americans and America. Here's the Today show coverage of the incident. Thanks to the commenters who posted the link.

A Viewer Writes: Wicomico Sheriff's Department Above The Law?

One of Mike Lewis' finest riding around without a third break light. I see him every single morning on the way to work. I called the sheriffs office last week to let them know. Still not fixed. If it were me I would've been pulled over and slapped with a repair order. I forgot, they are above the law.

Exit with Dignity

By Thornton Crowe

Losing a job is never easy and sometimes, it can be a very embarrassing experience when made public.

Many of you know, former FBI Director James Comey now has a personal memo circulating DC about a private meeting he had with President Trump where he alleges some impropriety was afoot. While it looks dubious that this memo comes forth now that he's been fired, he is grasping at desperate straws as if to tell the world he was wrongfully terminated from his position, regardless of his ridiculous behavior during the election and negligent handling of the Clinton investigations during his tenure.

Whatever happened to leaving with grace; dignity intact?

This very situation seems to be unfolding in our own micro-government and it's a trend that really needs to stop!

Last Friday, we learned of Bob Culver's firing of former County Finance Director, Leslie Lewis. We learned the scant details through a post here -- how he asked for her resignation and when she was refused, she was promptly terminated and an announcement was made to the public about her removal. Since the posting, someone (or persons) has attempted to post derogatory comments smearing other employees and threatening a lawsuit against the county.

Really? Is this at all necessary or a sign of maturity?

Like a petulant ex-spouse, ex-employees in today's working climate seem to be fraught with turmoil and conflict. These types of behaviors are not isolated to Comey or Lewis, it seems many forget they work at the pleasure of their bosses or business owners. When they fail to perform to standards or liking, they become aggressive if they are let go.

I hate to break it to the disgruntled, but being bitter about termination or forced resignation does nothing to the former boss or employees. Instead it makes one look petty, thus losing any remaining stature left after such an event. Doesn't this say a lot about what we call the snowflakes?

All too often in today's society, we're told we have rights to things we don't and yet, we believe the hype. We believe those social justice warriors who say that not only can we be prima ballerinas but it's also an inalienable right. The fact is, when you work a job, it's good to remember you live in a right to work state and your position is not a guarantee but a gift -- government positions are no exception!

Leslie Lewis
Former Finance Director of Wicomico
Learning to leave with dignity is always better because talking ill of your ex-boss is a good way to ensure you won't find a new boss. Nobody wants to hire those who have sued or publicly vilified former bosses, because they're seen as future liabilities.

Like a messy divorce, lawsuits have a way of ginning up more courtroom angst and are often treated by others treat like the plague. Sure, at first, your friends and family are sympathetic and will often encourage some off-the-cuff action because they feel it's their duty to support the wounded; however, long about the third day of complaining, sob stories, crying, yelling and negativity, most will run not walk to the nearest exit when they see you in the food market or on the street. Why? Because, they get sick of hearing about your plight and dealing with you just brings them down.

While being fired is always a bitter pill to swallow, it's a part of life. Things just didn't work out and you, in essence, were asked to sever ties. Nobody likes it but it is what it is and no amount of complaining or legal action is going to restore happiness.

In truth, there's really no vindication unless you've been physically assaulted by your former supervisor, so why bother? Granted, there are attorneys whom specialize in wrongful termination but that's because, in most cases, it means billable hours. However, in reality for the former employee, it always ends up as a big loss - even if they win their case.  Not only do they lose their savings (and settlement money) in legal fees, they lose their dignity and possibly future employment prospects.

With everything else in the world, do we really need more drama?

Now I won't pretend to know one iota about the bad blood between Culver and Lewis. However I can say, I really don't care either. I'm probably not alone. Whatever really happened was between them and frankly, none of our business. The whole escapade on comments just looks like a huge soap opera minus the sappy background music.

My father always says, "When the fruit is gone, it's time to move on." Hopefully, Ms. Lewis and Mr. Comey will heed those words without further incident. Something tells me, neither is that terribly bright. Guess time will tell!